Help-Portrait is so much more than “taking” portraits | Help-Portrait | Nashville, TN

The idea is simple.

1. Find someone in need

2. Take their portrait

3. Print their portrait

4. Give it to them.


But it's so much more than that to me…

Saturday over 10,000 of us photographers around the world gave our time, our expertise and a bit of our hearts away to the people we met at Help-Portrait. We were one of over 1000 locations with volunteers giving hugs, loving on people and listening to their stories. All 50 states and 55 additional countries participated in this world changing 3rd annual event this past Saturday.

To me Help-Portrait is:


…the first portrait of a mother and daughter after regaining custody of her 4 year old.

… The humor that some characters live out!

… giving a mother pictures of each of her seven adorable kids.

… sending a portrait to a loved one they haven't seen in years.

… an amazing SMILE.

… Capturing true friendship.

… Rekindling the twinkle in someone's eye.

… Taking the time to stop and have fun. (Goofing off with my most hilarious subject)

… A funny test sh0t of Jeremy Cowart the founder himself.

… Serving alongside all these amazing volunteers.

Help-Portrait is a worldwide movement that was started by a good friend of mine, Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy is a celebrity photographer who had a simple idea to give back.  I guess it's working 😉

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