[Part 2/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know


 [Part 2/3] How to get Get the perfect brightness in your iPhone photos (without editing)


Do you ever have photos that turn out too dark or too bright? I used to get super frustrated when I would take a photo and it didn’t do my subject justice. But that doesn’t happen anymore now that I know the best and easiest way to manually get the perfect exposure!

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A correct exposure is when the photograph looks the way the photographer intended it to look, which typically means not too bright (overexposed) and not too dark (underexposed). So let’s talk about how to get the exposure and focus you want in your pictures.

Your iPhone is going to calculate the available light in your frame and try to determine the correct exposure. Sometimes, it will not produce the desired exposure, especially if you purposefully want a specific area brighter or darker.

Manually control your iPhone camera in iOS 8.

When a camera app is open, you can touch your screen and the camera will “auto” expose (adjust the brightness) and focus for that area.

But what if the photo isn’t bright enough?

Ahh… I’m glad you asked 🙂 Brand spankin’ newly built into iOS 8 is a manual exposure slider. This is a GAME CHANGER for serious iPhone Only Photographers!

You can now manually alter the brightness (exposure) up to 4 times brighter or 4 times darker right in the built in Camera app. How?



[box] 1. Touch the screen to place your exposure and most importantly your focus on your subject.[/box]






[box] 2. Slide your finger up to make the photo brighter.[/box]



Photo Oct 27, 12 02 06 PM



[box] 3. Slide your finger down to make the photo darker.[/box]





Note: The brightness slider works slowly.  You can slide up multiple times and it will keep getting brighter. And vice versa for getting darker.

Stay tuned next week for the final part of “The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know.”
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Have you ever shot a photo that was the completely wrong brightness from what you wanted? Share in the comments.

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