Genaray Powerbank 96A Pocket LED Light

Light, lovely light! The Genaray Powerbank 96A Pocket LED Light is a powerful light in a compact package. This handy light unit is a great addition to your camera kit and comes in use even on days when you are not shooting.

The versatile light with output from 3200 to 5600K can fit in your pocket and only weighs 235 grams.

So what can it be used for? If you are shooting and need some extra light, this LED light can brighten your images effortlessly. This extra light will give your photos and video a more life-like appearance and save you lots of time during the editing process. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it can be dimmed or brightened to give you the perfect amount of light.

You might also use it for Zoom calls to lighten your surroundings or to light up an area so you can work during a photoshoot. For example, if you are shooting an event at nighttime, you might use it to change your memory cards and batteries during your break. It is basically a superhero accessory that can be useful in endless situations.

There are so many features on this LED light to make your life easier when you need flattering fill light. A built-in diffuser covers the light bulbs and you can attach another diffuser if you want softer light. The built-in and optional diffusers are both sturdy and strong.

You can easily use the toggle button to read the settings on the LCD screen to know your color temperature, brightness and battery life.

The long battery life is another attractive feature of this compact light. It has a two-hour battery life if used at 100%. Most photographers would less than 100% power because not many situations call for such bright light. But if you do need a really powerful light, it can boost to 130% for a minute at a time.

So, in reality, you can use the light for many hours per session. You can also use it as it charges if you need to. Plus, this little box of light beams can act as a power bank in emergencies. By now, you might be wondering how you lived without a LED light to light up your life.

There's always room for improvement, and if we were in touch with the designers, we would ask if they could make the battery life even longer. It's hard to find fault with this light, and more battery life would be great, but what it can achieve is perfectly fine for most occasions.

The Genaray Powerbank 96A Pocket LED Light comes in a handy case that includes a mini tabletop tripod, USB-C cable, a ball joint cold shoe adapter and a smartphone mount. This product is sure to come in useful and maybe even be a lifesaver on days you are praying for more light. We highly recommend this reasonably-priced product by Genaray. It's so easy to operate, versatile and useful.

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