Impact Background Holder Hook Wall Mounts with Screws (Set of 2)

As you build your photo studio, you will be adding more accessories to help you work faster and with less effort. One product that helps you do both is the Impact Background Holder Hook Wall Mounts with Screws that come in a set of two.

If you are lucky enough to have a permanent studio space, screw the hooks into your wall, making sure there is a stud or anchor to hold the weight. Then you can use them to hold your Impact Varidrive or Expan Drive System that holds your backdrop. Using this system has many advantages, including maximizing space and keeping your studio looking tidy. If you have been using portable stands until now, you will know they take time to set up and take up a lot of floor space. If you are shooting children or animals in your studio, portable stands can also be bothersome. It is much easier to have your backdrops attached to the wall so they can be hung with minimal fuss. 

The aluminum alloy construction is solid and well-made. As long as you mount the hooks onto a proper wall, they will do the job of holding paper backdrops for studio photography, including product photography and portraiture work. The sturdy mounts will probably serve you for many years. 

The wall mounts are easy to install. You can set up the wall mounts with minimal effort in no time as long as you have a ladder and screwdriver ready to go. After you attach the wall mounts to the wall, you can use the Impact Varidrive or Expat Drive System to complete your studio setup. Just attach your seamless paper, set up your lighting and find a subject to photograph, and you are ready to shoot!

The price of the wall mounts by Impact is affordable and in line with similar products on the market. Getting a quality product that comes with a value for money price tag is always a bonus. 

Perhaps we would like a larger base plate that can have four screws instead of two for an even stronger hold to the wall. Otherwise, this studio photography accessory by Impact is pretty much perfect. 

The set from Impact comes with:

  • Two wall mounts and screws
  • Limited 1-year warranty

These wall mounts are easy to set up and very affordable. You can mount them to the wall and have your studio set up quickly and begin to shoot in no time.

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