Impact BHE-104 Camera Platform for Flex Arm

Most creatives love gadgets and accessories and Impact has a great collection to help us make our photography and video content.

Enter the Impact BHE-104 Camera Platform for Flex Arm. It can support lightweight cameras when used on equipment such as the Impact Flex Arm or a similar accessory. The aluminum platform features a captive, sliding 1/4″-20 camera screw and a nonslip surface. There are dual 5/8″ receivers for the arm or a stud. It can also be used to hold a flash.

We love that there are so many situations this accessory could be useful. You might want to set it up with your camera to take long exposures, self-portraits or use the timer to take an image. If you are making a video on your camera, it can let you be hands-free and mobile. For making YouTube videos and live streaming, you can quickly attach your camera to the platform and start rolling. It also could come in handy for making travel vlogs or working outdoors on the go. 

When you are making video, your footage looks much more professional when your camera is at the right level and secure without the slightest camera shake. If you don't want to go for a hand-held documentary-style of video, the camera platform will get you the results you want. 

If you are into stop motion photography, the product is perfect for keeping your camera still while moving the object you are photographing. It takes some patience to be a stop motion photographer. It is a time-consuming craft, especially for more detailed creations. Having the camera steady and locked into place makes the job much easier. 

It's not just useful for supporting cameras. The Impact BHE-104 Camera Platform for Flex Arm can also hold a flash. Versatile accessories are the best because you can save money and have less weight to carry.

This product is strong, so you can be assured your camera or other gear has stability. It can hold up to one pound so is ideal for point-and-shoots, phones and other small cameras. While it's not holding your precious DSLR, it is good to know your smaller camera is safe as they are also expensive and valuable parts of your camera kit. The camera platform is well-made and durable, so you can expect it to have a long life even if you are frequently shooting. 

This product could easily be sold in sets of two or three. Since they are so versatile, we are sure most serious photographers would like to own several. We have them at home, at work and in the car even. 

We recommend the Impact BHE-104 Camera Platform for Flex Arm. It is a quality product that comes in very useful in a wide range of situations. For photographers, videographers and other content creators, this product will serve you well and comes at an affordable price.

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