Impact Light Kit Roller Bag #2

Looking for the best way to transport all of your gear while simultaneously keeping it safe? Look no further than the Impact Light Kit Roller Bag #2! With this amazing bag, you can store all of your lighting gear from LED monolights, strobe monolights, battery systems, and anything else you want while having quick and easy access to them. 

This bag is large enough to carry up to three light systems and has a load capacity of over 35 pounds. This is even more impressive when you consider its size, which comes in at 36”x13”x9.5”. Definitely big enough to carry your lighting, but small enough to easily maneuver and travel around with! 

Constructed from a high-quality, weather-resistant 600D nylon shell that will protect your gear in any weather. The dual zippers will ensure that you never have any issues opening or closing the bag (regardless of how full it may be) while giving you the option to completely lock it with a padlock. This is a great addition if you are traveling with expensive lighting equipment that you don’t want messed with. The bottom of the bag features a rubber skid plate and scratchplate in order to protect it from wear and tear. The overall unibody construction is also sure to keep everything secure and safe during your travels as well!

When taking a look at the inside, this bag is organized via four touch-fastening drivers and is lined with bright yellow fabric, making it easier to see your gear in low-light situations. You can easily store other smaller accessories thanks to the large mesh pocket on the inside, keeping it much more organized than other bags. 

This bag is made to travel with! With a folding grip handle on top, haul handle on the bottom, and hand straps over the entire thing, you have multiple options when it comes to carrying it. The easiest way, however, is to use the top handle and the heavy-duty wheels on the bottom to casually roll it around. When you stop, you can set the bag upright thanks to two rubber feet on the bottom that are opposite of the wheels. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest pros and cons when it comes to the Impact Light Kit Roller Bag #2.


  • High-quality construction
  • Yellow interior for low light
  • Dividers allow for more organization
  • Weather-resistant outer shell


  • Higher price tag
  • No outer pockets for additional gear
  • Can be heavy and hard to roll when full of gear

So is the Impact Light Kit Roller Bag the perfect bag for you? It definitely has a lot going for it and can make a wonderful addition to help you carry your gear when traveling. If you can deal with the few minor cons, the pros may just help you make a decision!

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