Impact Varidrive with Black Chain

If you have plans to build a photography studio, the Impact Varidrive with Black Chain is a great product to use for hanging your backdrops.

The Impact Varidrive can hold seamless paper rolls you might use for model shoots, product shots or other kinds of photography. Or you may want a plain background to make videos if you have a Youtube channel or produce video blogs.

The Varidrive makes it easy to quickly set up your studio and roll the paper up so you can pack the studio away if you need the space. For photographers working from home, a studio that can be set up and dismantled easily is essential.

If you are lucky enough to have a permanent studio setup at home or another location, you will probably have a collection of backdrops in different colors and sizes. The Impact Varidrive has expandable cores to cater to a range of roll sizes and can hold up to 22 pounds (nearly 10km).

We love that the Varidrive is simple to set up with durable pieces that are well-made. Not having to tackle a puzzle-like collection of many pieces makes the job of setting up the studio almost effortless. What you receive when you order the Impact Varidrive is:

Once you get to work shooting, your workflow can be fast and efficient. Many photographers will start out with a basic studio with a backdrop taped to the wall. With the Impact Varidrive, you can remove the used paper quickly and roll out a clean sheet. This is especially useful if you are photographing people. You don't want to have your clients waiting and if there are children being fast is a big advantage.

You can use large and heavy paper rolls with this system. It looks small but can handle a lot of size and weight. The chain attaches to large-tooth gears, so you can easily rotate backdrop rolls as wide as 9 feet. This can be handy if you have a mobile studio for event photography. For example, a photo booth backdrop at a wedding needs to be quite big to fit all those happy people.

To improve this product, we would like to see the chain be metal rather than plastic. We feel many customers might expect the chain to be metal, and it would be stronger and sturdier than the plastic one. Impact does offer another version with a metal chain for a higher price and it can hold almost double the weight.

If you are setting up a studio for the first time or getting more serious about your studio work, the Impact Varidrive with Black Chain would be super useful. It is a quality photography product that will make your life easier when it comes to hanging backdrops to photograph your subjects. In addition, the price is reasonable and you are covered by the year-long warranty in case anything goes wrong. Invest in this product to make your life easier and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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