Magnus STA-100B Smartphone Tripod Adapter

For newbies and amateur creators, the very first device use for taking pictures and videos is the one found in your pocket. Yup, I am talking about your smartphone. There are a few basic necessities that every creator has to have in their tool kit. One of which is a good Tripod adaptor. It might not sound like something major and they are relatively inexpensive. Yet… getting a bad one or one that doesn’t perform its very simple function well, will lead to a few frustrating moments. It’s not going to be fun watching your smartphone drop in slow motion and shatter on the floor just because of a flimsy adapter.

Even professionals will require a good smartphone tripod adapter and for something under $5, we would recommend the Magnus STA-100B Smartphone Tripod Adapter. This little adapter is perfect for an extra surprise and delight to add in as an extra little something when gift-giving.

As far as features go it’s pretty basic, it has a Spring-Loaded Smartphone Cradle and can fit devices from 2.3 to 3.5″ while maintaining a weight of only 1.9 oz. The nonslip and rubberized grip makes it easy to handle. And finally, it has compact and lightweight 1/4″-20 mounting sockets.

The device itself again is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. The 360° swivel head allows you to rotate your phone into a horizontal or vertical position for shooting. This helps you quickly get the phone in the ideal position for taking photos or videos in landscape or portrait orientation.

The main selling point for this smartphone tripod adapter is the grip it has. And basically, that’s the whole point. It is strong enough to hold almost any smartphone, even the heavy ones, firmly within its grip. You can quickly get this out of the bag and be up and running in a few secs. Far more practical than having to set up a professional rig for a simple impromptu family photo… and as a busy dad of kiddos, sometimes saving time is of the essence!

So, it doesn’t matter if you are just taking pictures with your phone for your kid’s project, a big-time video creator, or a professional photographer, we all need something you can rely on. The team and I give this small but might Smartphone Tripod Adapter our seal of approval. Now all you have to do is find a good tripod to match. And that shouldn’t be so hard, we have tons we have already reviewed on the site!

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