Oben AT-3565 Aluminum Tripod and BZ-217T Triple-Action Ball Head

Everyone needs a good tripod. No really. As long as you plan on taking still photos or videos from a single spot you are eventually going to be thinking “Hey, I need a tripod!” And you know what? I agree. I have several tripods… but I recommend that if you are going to spend the money purchasing one, you might as well make it a good one that will last!

So enter one of my top choices, the Oben AT-3565 Aluminum Tripod and BZ-217T Triple-Action Ball Head. This is a two-for-one special. You get both a tripod and a triple-action Ball Head. Before we dive into the specific details on the tripod, let's chat about the overall tripod body. It comprises of a 5-section support, which is easy to use, you just have to twist to open and close with a quarter turn. Each section extends along with the center column and rises to a maximum height of 61.8″.

One of the great things about the tripod itself is the flexibility. You get variable leg angles which means places like outdoor uneven turfs are no problem. The material is a robust lightweight Aluminum composite that makes this an easy choice to carry around. Plus, its compact design lets it fit in most carrying cases. With its maximum extendable height, you can pretty much take stunning images or videos from great angels. The spiked feet are also a great feature for outdoor use.

Next, we can take a closer look at the BZ-217T Triple-Action Ball Head. It can support weights of up to 20lb and has a QR-20 quick release plate. The ball head is managed with three nobs, for movement, pan, and tension controls.

There is a downside to this great combo though. Well… more like a minor inconvenience. For those of us without dexterous hands, the twist lock for the center column doesn’t seem to want to cooperate sometimes. And it takes a bit of patience to switch from the regular and short column… but that might just be my own wanting to move faster than what the tripod wants me to move. Smooth and slow is good, right?! {wink wink}

So for just a little over $100, you get a great combo that will serve you well both indoors and outdoors. It should be noted that this also comes in a carbon-fiber variant, which is a little more expensive but also lighter. But here you save a few bucks and the weight isn’t really an issue unless you carry lots and lots of gear, in that case, every gram matters.

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