Oben CT-2491 Carbon Fiber Tripod

A good tripod is a photographer’s best friend. Amateurs, hobbyists, and even professionals need the stability and versatility they provide. Whether it’s keeping the camera ultra steady or to get in the shot yourself, a good tripod is a necessary tool for a serious photographer.

As part of my constant hunt for great tripods, I looked at the Oben CT 2491 carbon fiber tripod. This is one of the lightest and tallest tripods I’ve ever used.

A quick rundown
The Oben CT 2491 carbon fiber tripod is a monster of a tripod. It weighs in at a relatively lightweight 3.5lb but can reach a maximum height of 72.5 inches. Almost taller than me! You can split the center column in two with a hex tool. The tripod legs can extend until the Oben CT 2491is only six inches off the ground. That’s why this tripod is perfect for taking shots both down low and up high.

What’s in the box
Padded tripod bag
Shoulder strap for bag
Tool leg clip with two hex keys
Hex key for split center column

Features and design
The Oben CT2491s tripod body is made from a cast aluminum alloy, while the legs and center column feature a carbon fiber wrapped frame. This makes the tripod is extremely light yet strong. We tested the tripod in a 45 mph wind and it held steady with no rocking. Another impressive feature to note with the tripod is that Oben designed the legs with rubber twist locks. That means I can disengage all the legs at the same time with just a twist of my wrist. That’s perfect when you have to pack up quickly.

If you need to set up the tripod on an uneven surface, you can set all three legs at different angles and heights. Oben included metal spikes to help stabilize the tripod when the ground isn’t level. The spikes come right out of the rubber feet with a twist and retracts the same way. The CT2491s center column extends with a twist of the butterfly knob. A rubber damper at the base of the post ensures your camera doesn’t get damaged if the column releases by accident. Splitting the center column is a bit of a chore. If you want to use this feature, Oben provides a hex key to make the adjustment.

What Impressed
Oben grooved the center column of the CT2491 to avoid accidental rotation. Split column allows for low level shot taking. Spring loaded metal counterweight at the bottom of the center column provides extra stability in windy conditions. Hang your camera bag, or other handy item off the counterweight. The CT2491 is extremely lightweight. Folds to a comfortable height for easy carry

What I Don’t Like
Thinking about what happens if the hex key gets lost?

Final thoughts
The Oben CT 2491 carbon fiber tripod has everything covered if you’re a photography enthusiast. It’s simple to use and fold down for easy storage and transport. It’s so ultralight, you barely notice its weight added to your regular gear. This tripod gets a big thumbs’ up from me.

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