Oben CT-3565 Carbon Fiber Tripod and BZ-217T Triple-Action Ball Head

There are a few things I really love about the Oben CT-3565 tripod. First, it folds up easily and fits into any bag or luggage. Second, it’s very lightweight, but is sturdy at the same time.

For travel photographers, a strong, yet lightweight tripod is an absolute essential. That’s why the Oben CT- 3565 with the BZ-217T ball head is a must-buy for every photography enthusiast.

Let’s start with the BZ217T ball head. The best part about the ball head is that it’s very sturdy for such a slim profile. The ball head comes with four knobs that work beautifully. The friction control knob is the best tension knob I’ve used. It gives me precise control over wherever I want the ball to go. The tripod legs have five sections. While there are some drawbacks to this, the compactness of the tripod outweighs this. Another thing that stands out is the reversible legs. This means that they can rotate 180 degrees so that the ball head rests between the legs. Pretty neat, if I may say so.

The tripod weighs 3.2lb, so it still isn’t the lightest tripod out there, but it comes close. The carbon fiber design makes this tripod so lightweight that sometimes I forget even that it’s strapped to my backpack. Even the times when I’ve tossed my backpack down with little thought, the Oben CT- 3565 shows few signs of wear and tear.

The maximum height of the tripod is 61.7 inches with the central column. It gives me a good range of shooting at most heights I work. I worried about the five-leg sections at first. I thought I would have to do fifteen turns every time I needed to set up the tripod. But that’s not the case. The locks loosen and tighten with one twist and it’s easy to do all five when they’re close together.

What I love
Smooth rotation of ball head
Spikes on the feet for softer terrain

What I don’t love
The last section of the legs is a bit thin, so I don’t trust it completely it in windy conditions

The CT-3565 is my favorite travel tripod. It comes with a fantastic ball head that lasts. In the past, I’ve found ball heads need frequent replacement because they wear out fast. Not so with the Oben CT-3565. This tripod may not be an ideal fit for rugged terrain photographers, but if you want a lightweight quality tripod set up, you can’t go wrong with this combo.

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