Oben CT-3586 Carbon Fiber Tripod and Triple Action BZ-226T Ball Head

The Oben CT3586 carbon fiber tripod and triple action BZ226T ball head is a relatively compact travel tripod measuring 62.5 inches when fully extended. When collapsed, it’s a mere 8.4 inches.

The ball head has an Arca-Type QR plate that can support cameras that weigh up to 27lbs. The quick release system works with most cameras, and you can even tilt your camera to a 90-degree angle with it.

Oben designed this tripod and head for the modern photography enthusiast. The tripod has a detachable leg that converts into a working monopod with a maximum height of 65.2 inches. Talk about a versatile tripod that keeps on giving!

Let’s dig in, shall we?

What Comes in the Box with the Oben CT3586?
QR-20 quick release plate
Low angle center column
2 units of a hex wrench
Tool clip
Shoulder strap
Carry bag

What's to Like?
My first impression when I took the Oben CT3586 out of the bag was, “Wow!” I wasn’t expecting such a solid tripod. The legs are sturdy, twist locks are strong and the ball head itself is very nice.

The Oben tripod is an ideal balance between stability and weight. I’ve used it on several trips now and its carbon fiber design takes a lot of punishment without breaking apart.

Let’s talk about the center column. The Oben CT3586 actually has two center columns. The first is a reversible rapid center column that extends and locks into place via a twist lock. The second is an included low angle center column that gets you close to the ground for macro shots.

The legs open and close with secure twist locks. They fold out completely to a height of only 8.4 inches off the ground. Perfect for capturing that cute little squirrel munching on a nut close by.

There are retractable spikes on the legs for securing your tripod on soft terrain. They push out of the rubber feet and can be retracted back when you don’t need them. A feature I love about the tripod is that I can detach one of its legs and use it as a monopod when conditions don’t call for a tripod. It extends to an impressive 65.2 inches, far higher than any other monopod I’ve used.

The BZ 226T ball head supports camera weights up to 27lb. The head has three knobs: one for pan, one to control the movement of the ball and the other to increase or decrease tension in the ball. The integrated bubble level on the ball allows you to align your horizon accurately with the camera's viewfinder. It rotates smoothly, in fact almost glides, when panning. It’s so lightweight and versatile that I can’t imagine a hobbyist needing more than what this tripod offers.

What’s Not to Like?
The quick-release is a bit cheap and doesn’t inspire confidence. You might have to replace it later. Other than that, it’s a great buy for the price.

Final thoughts
As someone that takes a lot of photos outside, the tripod impresses me with how lightweight it is. I usually strap it to my backpack and barely notice the extra weight. The Oben CT3586 takes a lot of stress with no signs of damage. With the extra functionality of being able to convert to a monopod, the Oben CT3586 is on my ‘best-buy’ list.

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