Pearstone 0.5 x 12″ Touch Fastener Straps (Black, 10-Pack)

When I think of all the times I made a mess of my storage closet and my bag, I cringe. Cables were scattered here and there. I didn’t label them, either. I had to sort each cable by hand any time I needed one. Until the day I got Pearstone Touch Fastener Straps. These bad boys gave me a cost-effective way to bundle and organize my cables, keeping my closet and bags neat.

What is it?
The Pearstone straps are tiny straps with a touch fastener on one end. They have a loop through a slot to pass the strap through and lockdown with the fastener.

Features and uses
I had a bunch of HDMI cables of different lengths that I used to carry with me everywhere I went. It became an eyesore, and I finally did something about it. Introducing the Pearstone strap! It is perfect for cable management and bundling. All you need to do is pass the strap on the first cable, fuzzy side out, pull taut and place the other cables on the first cable with the strap. Tighten the tail of the strap around the cables and fasten with the touch fastener. That’s it!

I usually use the straps on the middle of my cables. I fold my cables to the smallest length they can go, then use the Pearstone strap to bundle them neatly.

Quantity: 10
Size: 0.5 x 12” (1.3 x20.5 cm)

What I like
Small and effective for cable management
Can reused over 200 times
Comes in different colours, so you can color code specific cables for easy retrieval

What I don’t like
Nothing. It does the job and does it well.

Final thoughts
Have you got cabling trouble? Do they snake around your workspace or bag until you feel like Tarzan in the jungle? Get yourself a Pearstone touch fastener strap. And wave your cable troubles bye bye.

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