Ruggard Lynx 75 SlingPack for DSLR and 17″ Laptop (Black, Large)

Us photographers have a lot of gear to carry! Not only do we need to carry camera bodies and lenses, we also need extra memory cards and batteries, too. Plus, we never seem to get enough of new gadgets, add-ons, and extras! Here’s the unfortunate part. The more gear and accessories I get, the more seem to I misplace. Cords, batteries, and memory cards develop legs and got lost. Or maybe they get kidnapped. All I know is it’s frustrating when I can’t find what I need!

I decided that needed a new and bigger bag to contain my camera and other accessories. After searching the vast selection of bags at B & H Photo, I decided on a Ruggard Lynx 75 Slingpack that carries a DSLR and a 17-inch laptop. Boy, it wowed me from the first moment I unboxed it.

What Comes with the Ruggard Lynx?
Padded divider kit
Rain cover

Uses and features
I won’t lie. At first I wasn’t so excited about the layout of the bag. Then I spent a little time reconfiguring the interior and now it’s fantastic for carrying all my gear. The Lynx 75 is made with water-resistant nylon; it looks and feels sturdy and reliable. Ruggard includes a rain cover to protect the contents of your bag. I haven’t needed the rain cover yet, but I’m glad to know it’s there when I need it. The rear of the backpack has two padded shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a waist strap. When I pack all my gear, the bag feels a bit heavy when I carry it with the top handle. But when it’s on my back, the weight feels evenly distributed and it feels much lighter.

You can remove one of the shoulder straps to turn the bag into a slingbag. While a slingbag looks cooler than a backpack, I’ve never used this feature because my trusty Canon 5D Mark IV is a heavy beast on its own. When you add a lens or two, it’s just too much for one shoulder to take! The front of the bag has a grommet for attaching a tripod. This feature alone almost makes this back worth purchasing. Who wants to carry around a tripod in one hand?

Storage-wise, the Lynx 75 contains a huge compartment at the top. This compartment contains a mesh, zippered pocket on the flap. I keep my DSLR, the rain cover and some cables there. The body of the Lynx 75 contains the main compartment and features several sturdy dividers you can configure in different ways to protect your gear. I store my lenses, 3 different chargers and spare batteries there.

The provided padded laptop sleeve is a perfect addition. I can carry all my gear and a 17-inch laptop in one place. If I need to do a quick edit I can easily remove my laptop and go to work! The side access is very convenient. If you store your camera in the side compartment, the dividers are set up to hold it securely with a large lens connected. You’ll be able to access your camera quickly from the side without exposing your other accessories in the main compartment. There are extra storage pockets at the side too. It’s perfect for carrying a little cash, some gum, and even a few cable ties.

This is a very well made, roomy backpack. The side pockets for easy and quick access are also a massive plus. The straps for the chest and waist ensure an even distribution of weight and reduce jostling of that expensive gear. The bright color of the interior is an enormous help to find things inside in low light. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the interior of a black bag in the dark! The Ruggard Lynx 75 is a great buy for every photography enthusiast.

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