Ruggard Optica 15 DSLR Roller V2 (Black)

Need to travel for work or holiday and wondering how to carry your gear without breaking your back (or the bank?) Then you should check out the Ruggard Optica 15 DSLR Roller V2. It’s the perfect hybrid bag for photographers.

What is it?
The Ruggard Optica 15 v2 is a streamlined roller trolley bag that also converts to a backpack when the terrain is too rough to roll your bag. If you like fashionable black you’re in luck, because that’s the only color this bag comes in. Ruggard promises this bag can hold a 15-inch laptop securely and comfortably.

What’s Included with the Optica 15v2?
The bag
16 padded dividers
Backpack rain cover

Features and uses
The Optica 15 v2 from Ruggard doesn’t have a boxy like design like most roller bags have. It tapers at the top a bit, giving it a sleek look. The fabrics feel sturdy and the zippers work smoothly without sticking. The well-padded shoulder straps hide in a zippered padded compartment at the rear of the bag. The rear compartment serves as a handy space for a slim book or magazine for a lengthy plane ride. Another welcome feature is the chest strap to take some weight off your shoulders when you’re using the bag as a backpack. My 15-inch laptop is a bit bulky. I wasn’t sure if it would fit into the padded sleeve at the front of the main compartment at first. I’m happy to say that my laptop fits with enough space for the power adapter, too.

The manufacturers say the Optica can fit two DSLR cameras. While I didn’t try out the bag with two cameras, I easily fit one camera and two lenses and a flash plus enough clothes for one week into the main compartment. And there was even a bit of space left! The dividers that come with the Optica allow you to pack and protect any type of gear you want to store in it. They allow you to customize your gear storage into any configuration that you can dream up. There’s also a zippered compartment at the front of the bag that opens up like a flap. It’s got space for pens, chargers, batteries, and even a webbed space for my passport and other documents. The first thing I did after unboxing the bag was to test it by packing it with everything I needed on a trip and using it as a backpack. It was a snug fit, and yet I didn’t really feel weighed down. I walked around with the bag a bit to to see how it would feel carrying it through a long airport terminal. It was a nice carry and the right distribution on the bag was way above average.

What I Liked About This Bag
I love the fact that I can configure the bag three different ways. I can carry it with the top handle, the shoulder strap, and the telescoping handle of the trolley system. It’s got space to take whatever you want to throw at it. The padding inside ensures my gear is safe. The Optica also holds your packed clothes securely, so you don’t pull them out as a wrinkled mess. The bag has two zippered side pockets that expand out for water bottles. The left-hand side has a strap for storing a tripod when you need one. The composition of this bag is nylon. That means it’s water-resistant, but it isn’t waterproof. But the Optica 15 v2 comes with an added rain cover for further protection, so you should be fine if you get caught out in a shower.

What I Didn’t Like About the Optica 15 V2
The telescoping handle is too short if you’re on the tall side. I had to walk a little hunched over to use the wheels on the bag. Most of the time you wouldn‘t be using the wheels over any substantial distance, so it’s not a big shortcoming.

Final thoughts
The Optica 15 V2 from Ruggard is a superb choice for a durable travel bag that stands up to almost anything.

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