Ruggard Outrigger 45 Backpack (Black)

Like many photographers, I carry a decent amount of gear. I need a gear bag that can carry everything or most of what I need securely and adequately. I carry a DSLR with three lenses and I need space for a tripod, water, snacks, and other accessories.

The Ruggard Outrigger 45 backpack packs a punch and more. It’s sturdy and yet still light on the shoulders. It’s got four zippered padded compartments that hold a lot of equipment and yet still look solid. From the moment I unboxed it, I knew I could trust my equipment with it.

The front compartment sports space for a cleaning kit, pens or pencils, or business cards. It’s even got an extra pocket for cables and chargers. The second zippered compartment is deep. I put some filters in mine, and it holds them adequately. The compartment has space on the top too for when you have to carry something long and flexible.

Directly behind that is the third zippered compartment that’s got spaces for maybe your SD cards, hard drives, and a shutter release. The Outrigger 45 has also got two pockets with a cover flap on each side for a water bottle or cables or whatever you think might work. The back of the pack and the straps feature padding for your comfort. Chest and waist straps keep the bag securely on your back without slipping. The padded main compartment of the bag has adjustable dividers so you can customize perfectly it for your equipment.

The Ruggard Outrigger 45 backpack has a lot of space for a bag that doesn’t look as if it can hold much. The third compartment is convertible into an iPad compartment or for a tiny laptop. It’s also got an adjustable strap at the bottom for a tripod.

Inclement weather? The Outrigger 45 has a non-removable rain cover at the back that pulls out to cover the bag from bottom to top; protecting your equipment from water.

Spaces for almost everything you need to carry.
Comfortable on back and shoulders.
Lightweight yet solid design.

The adjustable strap at the bottom for a tripod doesn’t let the bag stand on its own. Because of this, you have to lie the Ruggard Outrigger 45 on its back when you have to put it down. There’s a smaller zippered pocket on the inside of the main compartment. You need to watch that the zipper head doesn’t scratch your camera or lens. I found that using a piece of scotch tape over the zipper solved that problem easily.

You can tell that this is a well thought out bag. From the pockets, pouches, and compartments, you can see that the design is well-thought-out. The bag sits comfortably on your back. The chest and waist strap disperse the bag’s weight when you have to carry it over long distances. The nylon material of the bag may provide some protection from water even without the rain cover. The Outrigger’s nylon composition is easy to clean, and durable. It’s a bag that ticks all the boxes for great carry.

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