Vulta Blizzard 909 Lumen Search and Rescue LED Flashlight

Today we are reviewing an accessory that you might not use every day, but when you need it, you really need it. A good quality flashlight can come in useful or totally save the day. The situations you could need it for are endless. As a photographer, you might add it to your camera bag if you are shooting in the forest near nightfall, at an event when you finish late, or to a location shoot that might have bad lighting. Or you should keep one in your car in case you need it.

This bright light has a CREE XM-L2 LED with a variable-control ring to change the output from 6 to 909 lumens and features strobe and SOS modes. It is a functional flashlight that can shine brightly or subtly if needed. It is easy to use and is strong and durable. The sleek black appearance is modern and stylish.

For all these reasons and more, the Vulta Blizzard 909 Lumen Search and Rescue LED Flashlight is top of our list for flashlight recommendations.

We like the sturdiness of this product. It is impact-resistant and waterproof to 6.5. If you are working outdoors in the dark and likely trying to work fast, the durability of this flashlight will be appreciated. The tempered glass lens is strong and scratch-resistant. It is made from strong stainless steel and aluminum with an anti-slip finish. If you are shooting a fashion event, hiking to a beautiful spot to capture photos of a sunrise or illuminating newlyweds under a starry night, you can be sure this flashlight will perform under the harshest conditions.

Keeping this beauty powered up is easy with contacts on the tail of the flashlight. It needs six CR123/RCR123 or three 18650 batteries. 3.7V batteries are recommended for peak performance. An optional charger is designed so the flashlight can be charged without removing the rechargeable batteries.

The strobe and SOS modes put this flashlight ahead of more standard lights. You never know when you might be in a situation where you need help. While it's likely you won't use the SOS mode, it is reassuring to have. You are more likely to use the strobe function. It can be useful to communicate on photo shoots when you are far away from your companion or need to stand out in a crowd. You might use it if your car breaks down or someone has an accident.

We would have liked the charger to be included as a set with this product. Although many consumers would have a charger for rechargeable batteries, the FA-CH1 Universal Charger is a must-have due to its handy design.

Don't wait until you need a flashlight to buy one. Invest in this versatile accessory and you will probably find yourself using it more frequently than expected. The price is reasonable too. The flashlight comes with a MOLLE compatible holster, lanyard, spare O-ring and a limited two-year warranty. We recommend you get the optional FA-CH1 Universal Charger at the same time.

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