Canon EOS T6 Rebel (1300D)

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Review of the Canon EOS T6 Rebel (1300D)

The Canon T6 is an amazing all-in-one entry level camera. Perfect for entry-level photographers and hobbyists alike, it covers all basic photography needs. It has some wireless features not always found in entry-level cameras. The camera is a basic and easy-to-use entry level DSLR perfect for budget-minded individuals who wants to get into photography. 


The affordable T6 packs quite a punch for its price. Much improved over its predecessor, the T5, the Canon T6 bests the entry-level competition from other manufacturers. 

Ease of Use:

The Canon T6 is an easy-to-use camera that covers all the basics for beginners. It doesn’t have a ton of features to overwhelm beginners.

The Canon T6 has a faster processor than Canon’s previous entry-level camera, the T5. The strategic placement of buttons and relatively lightweight body is a big plus for the Canon T6. This camera is an easy-to-use entry level DSLR which can help you level up from point-and-shoot cameras and smartphones. 

Product Features:

In-Depth Analysis

The Canon T6 is a good entry into the world of DSLR photography. With the amazing package of wireless connectivity and easy-to-use design, this camera is basic perfection rolled into one. If you are leveling up from your point-and-shoot, the camera is perfect for a beginner. Even though the T6 is an entry-level camera aimed at hobbyists rather than professionals, it has amazing image quality to rival more sophisticated models. 

The Canon T6 lags behind other entry-level cameras with a sensor resolution of 18 megapixels. Most entry-level cameras have sensor resolution of 20 MP or more. However, megapixels aren’t everything, and the camera produces impressive photographs (especially considering its price point.) The 485g camera is easy to hold and is a perfect companion for travel photography and urban exploration. The T6 comes with a kit lens in most cases, which is ideal for a beginner photographer. 

The Canon T6  produces decent images and video quality up to 1080p; however, it doesn’t have the latest 4K video recording capabilities. The 9-point autofocus system is especially useful for tracking moving objects. It’s almost impossible to avoid noise when doing long exposures using the upper limits of the T6’s ISO range. This is noticeable in night photography or sky photography shot at higher ISOs. Reduce noise by lowering your ISO and increasing shutter time, or clean it up in post-processing.

The battery is even more impressive than its predecessor thanks to its better and faster processor, the DIGIC 4+. T6 has enough juice to last up to 500 single freeze frame shots, perfect to last an entire day out shooting.

Even though the T6 is a camera designed for beginners it doesn’t compromise anywhere with quality, battery life or processing speed. Combined with Canon’s software, you it’s possible to do some image fine-tuning in camera.

Overall, the Canon T6 is a perfect companion for anyone who wants a lightweight camera for traveling, exploring or personal portraits. Its high speed, combined with the amazing image quality can lead to some impressive photos. It definitely lands in the middle range of entry-level DSLR cameras. You can rely on its wireless capabilities to transfer your RAW and processed images quickly to your smartphone or laptop for fine-tuning and processing.

Common Complaints

The camera is an entry-level model, so it doesn’t leave much room for high expectations. If you are expecting professional level images with little noise straight out-of-camera from a camera at this budget level, you are in for disappointment. The overall image resolution is slightly disappointing at times. 

The T6 processor does its best to create crisp and quality images, but you cannot compare them to what you’d get out of high-end cameras. The price point of the T6 is definitely low, but not as inexpensive as a point or shoot.  

Common Accolades

Canon’s pricing puts this camera midpoint on the line between affordable and costly. It is an easy-to-use DSLR camera which won’t overwhelm you with too many controls to master. It is one of the best points about this camera – and if you want a camera to master photography, it’s a pleasure to learn on the Canon T6. The image quality, processing speed and startup is amazing especially considering it is an entry level camera. 

Product & Pricing Options

Model / Name Price Link to Buy
Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens $399 B&H Photo
Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 75-300mm Lenses Kit $449 B&H Photo

Final Words

The Canon T6 is an all-in-one package that delivers on everything you expect from a beginner’s DSLR camera. Overall, the camera is an amazing buy. The Canon T6 is better in terms of speed and image quality than the T5. I put the T6 slightly ahead of the competition from other camera makers for this reason. So, if you are looking to have amazing vacation, travel or personal photos with stunning quality, definitely ditch your phone or point and shoot and move up to the Canon T6.

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