You HAVE to see these iPhone photos from last night…

Last night was one of the most epic evenings my family has ever experienced. It was a glorious two hour long sunset on the sharky NC coast with storms suspended all around us like we were in some sort of a “good weather” bubble.



If you follow me on instagram, you might already know it’s family reunion beach week with my whole immediate family. Last night we laughed, splashed, surfed and played in the ocean until the sky lit up with a radiant sunset. It was an evening that I want to remember forever!

I believe you have an important story. Are you capturing and preserving ALL the best moments?

I’m so thankful I had the right tools (and training) to capture the story that is and will be so precious to my family from last night.

The most important tool recently being the underwater housing from Watershot for my iPhone. Without it most of these photos wouldn’t exist. My phone would have sat dry up on the beach.

Are you missing epic moments that should be captured because you don’t have a waterproof housing for your iPhone?

CLICK HERE to find out more about Watershot Housing for iPhone.

The following shots were all captured with my Watershot housing for iPhone 6 in the last 48 hours.



My sister Robin Surfing.


My mom and Christian getting some fun in the sun.



My brother in law Forest Surfing.



Selfie of me surfing.






Me surfing captured by Forest.Photo-Jul-20,-7-13-25-PM

My being lazy.



Starting my son Judah out right. Learning to surf at 2 and half.Photo-Jul-20,-7-35-39-PM


The Morgans braving the sharks and the waist high waves.Photo-Jul-21,-7-14-05-PM Photo-Jul-21,-7-14-06-PM


My little family of four playing in the waves!Photo-Jul-21,-7-19-19-PM

My adorable wife Tammy and our 1 year old Christian.


Auntie Robin and Judah.Photo-Jul-21,-7-21-48-PM


Epic shot of my wife Tammy and I making out. Captured by Jason Morgan.Photo-Jul-21,-7-24-01-PM

A lone peeler.Photo-Jul-21,-7-30-08-PM


Papa throwing Judah.Photo-Jul-21,-7-42-33-PM


Papa taking a swim.Photo-Jul-21,-7-48-37-PM


The epic storms all around us.Photo-Jul-21,-7-50-45-PM



All of these photos were taking with the world's BEST underwater housing for iPhone. It's made by Watershot and I'm giving away a couple free housings courtesy of Watershot.


CLICK HERE to find out more about Watershot Housing for iPhone.


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