A Few of My Favorite Student Photos

If there is one thing that I love almost more than everything else, it's featuring incredible photos from my students.

And for the first time, I get to feature photos from students enrolled in The Photo Mentorship!

So what is the Photo Mentorship?

It's my new learning-track based membership site, designed to take photographers all the way from unsure beginners to confident photographers in full control of their camera.

I'm so proud of these students.

They've come a long way with their photography in a short time! I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is challenging because photographers are at the mercy of outdoor lighting conditions that can change by the minute. Not only that, balancing a bright sky against a darker foreground is an art in itself.

My students more than rose to the occasion with these amazing landscape photos.

From mountain vistas filled with wildflowers, to stunning seascapes, eye-catching cityscapes, and everything in between, my students truly excel at this genre of photography.

Anne Willoughby Petry


Jamie Silver

Eileen Cornelsen


Crystal Richardson

Sandra Dahir

Suzanne Cullen


Paula Wolf


Diane Capone

Joann Kryzckowski Bennett

Gary Losey

Janice Fazenbaker

Susan Langer

Macro Photography

Macro photography is all about showing off exquisite details that are too small for the naked eye to see clearly.

It takes a photographer with infinite patience to find and capture the beauty of the smallest of things.

These student photos are gorgeous examples of art of macro photography.

Amy Lee

Bernice Cole

Debbie Smith Karnes

Nature Photography

Nature photography captures the best of our natural world, and includes all kinds of flora & fauna as well as wildlife photography.

I was wowed by these artistic examples of the best of Mother Nature from my Photo Mentorship students – and I'm sure you will be too!

Debra Gail Richards

Linda Yee-Hanson

Machelle Stratton

Pamela Turner Schumaker

Vickie Chapman


A good portrait isn't just a likeness of a person.

Portraiture is a glimpse into your subject's personality and mood. In fact, a portrait may reveal an aspect of your subject's personality they were never aware of before.

My Photo Mentorship students did a wonderful job with their portraits – it's clear that they took all the lessons they learned to heart!

Debbie Davis

Jackie Haynes

Karen Lewis

Lisa Kelly

Lisa Letteer

Nata Salvatori

Dannette Jiminez


Pets are many photographer's favorite subjects…and why not?

Animals have so much personality, and they aren't the least bit self-conscious about posing, either!

I hope you enjoy these pet photos as much as I do.

Michelle Peterson

Micha Ashlee Van Allen

Stacey Zeilermeir

Elli Renee Klos

Chantal Tellier

Would YOU Love to Capture Superb Photos Like These?


Thanks to all of our students for sharing these photos inside our Facebook group. If you're an existing student, please keep sharing!

Want to start taking photos like the ones aboveJoin me on my free training and learn how to show your camera who's boss.

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