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As you progress through your journey as a hobbyist or professional photographer, you will go through a collection of camera straps.

Some will get worn out or damaged, and some will not serve your needs well any longer.

If your camera strap gets worn out, you have been holding onto it for many years or shooting almost every day for a long time. When that happens, it is time to go shopping for a new one.

Most photographers use the standard camera strap that comes with the camera. When you start researching, you will find many on the market, and you might be surprised by how many features they have. It's just a camera strap, we hear you saying. But not all camera straps are made the same.

If your camera strap has been damaged, you might have been participating in some adventure or nature photography. We hope your strap was caught on a tree branch and that you weren't wresting wild animals out in the forest. However, your camera strap was damaged, you probably need a camera strap that is super strong and sturdy.

Finally, you might need a different style of camera strap. If you are shooting for long periods, you can get neck and shoulder pain from the weight of the camera and accessories. A different style of camera strap can reduce the strain on your muscles and eliminate the discomfort or pain you might be experiencing.

Ready to go shopping? Let's check out some camera strap alternatives to the normal round-the-neck version most photographers start by using.

BlackRapid Camera Straps

BlackRapid Street Breathe Camera Strap

This black and yellow quality camera strap is worn over your shoulder. This reduces the stress on your neck. You can effortlessly wear it around your neck, too, if you wish to alternate the way you wear it, although it was specifically designed to be worn across the body for someone right-handed. When your camera is attached, it will sit around your hip so you can easily reach it to take the shot you are eyeing up.

The strap is streamlined, comfortable, light and moisture-wicking.

The strap includes a sturdy brass and zinc-alloy CR-4 ConnectR locking carabiner. It comes with a BlackRapid FR-5 FastenR Breathe that makes a connection point using a camera or lens's 1/4″-20 tripod mount. The FR-5 FastenR Breathe features a big integrated D-ring compatible with BlackRapid straps that use a CR-4 ConnectR.

You can adjust the strap from 36 to 61 inches. You also get a neat nylon pouch for storage and a plastic BlackRapid Lockstar Breathe Carabiner Protector, which is compatible with BlackRapid straps that feature a CR-4 ConnectR locking carabiner. By folding over a CR-4 ConnectR, the Lockstar Breathe prevents unintentional user contact with a CR-4 ConnectR that could cause it to unlock accidentally. Also, it helps block the metal surface of a CR-4 ConnectR from scratching a connected camera or lens. So it seems BlackRapid has thought of everything and done extensive research and testing to come up with this excellent camera strap. Plus as well as being functional, it looks stylish!

BlackRapid 10-Year Anniversary Edition Classic Retro RS-4 Camera Strap

It's tempting to add this one to the shopping cart too. Limited edition items are so enticing because you know once they are gone, there is little chance of picking one up unless it's secondhand.

BlackRapid released this version to celebrate their decade of success in the photography supply business. This one can be used by a right or left-handed photographer and has many of the features of the previous camera strap we shared with you.

It also has a handy pocket to stash small accessories like memory cards, batteries, and cash in or maybe a few peanuts if you are heading out to get some squirrel photos. The strap is a bit longer than the previous one. Also, when you want to carry several cameras or lenses, a BlackRapid CoupleR Strap (available for purchase separately) lets the anniversary camera strap be joined with a second camera strap, that is also compatible with a CoupleR, to create a functional double-camera harness. Another great invention by this innovative company, and we hope they paused to eat cake and celebrate as they head into the second decade of creating epic camera gear for photographers like us.

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Peak Design Camera Straps

Peak Design has a wonderful range of camera accessories, including excellent camera straps.

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Here is an example of one that can be worn across the body or around the neck. Peak Design boldly claims the Slide camera strap is the most versatile pro camera strap in the world.It can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap and features a smooth side recommended for sling mode and a grippy side to prevent slipping in shoulder mode. Dual quick-adjusters are cleverly designed to give fast and easy access and reconfiguration. You can connect quickly when shooting on the go and dual points of connection keep your camera more stable than traditional sling straps.

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

Check out the Slide Lite camera strap, which is a mirrorless strap that is chic and functional.

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap

The Leash is also noteworthy for its many functions and versatility. It can also connect to binoculars and tripods.

We are big fans of the BlackRapid and Peak Design brands so let's take a close look at some of the pros and cons – cause nobody is perfect right?

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  • Black Rapid products can attach to tripod collars.
  • Peak Design products are easier to remove from cameras.


  • Black Rapid products take more effort to adjust as you have to unscrew them from the camera.
  • Peak Design connects to your camera with no option to attach to your lens. (Black Rapid offers dual straps, which is great at events like weddings.)
When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, we find all the camera straps sold by Black Rapid and Peak Design to be outstanding. Nothing beats being comfortable and functional when you are concentrating on getting the shots you want, so investing in a good-quality camera strap that suits your needs is a no-brainer. So go ahead and buy yourself a new one because you deserve it!

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